ACBC Fellow Requirements

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ACBC Fellows are those who supervise incoming ACBC counselors in Phase 3 of certification. Fellow membership is reserved for men who demonstrate unique abilities to counsel, who serve as supervisors of counselors in training, and who provide leadership in applying biblical counseling principles to life.

ACBC remains the benchmark standard for biblical counseling training and certification. In order to keep our standards at a premium, a model has been developed to ensure an excellent Fellow training protocol.

Element One

  • Maintain Level 2 membership for at least two years
  • Complete 500 hours of counseling as an ACBC Certified Counselor
  • Obtain a post-baccalaureate degree in counseling, Bible, theology, or related field.
  • Once the first three items have been completed, email the ACBC Office (see Application Checklist) to schedule an interview with the ACBC Director of Membership Services


Element Two

  • Complete Fellow Application Packet (see link 1 below for a checklist detailing this process)
  • Undergo an examination of your works, an interview, and a vote by members of the Board of Trustees for the approval to progress to Element Three


Element Three

  • Upon completion of Phase Two, Fellow Candidate must supervise two incoming ACBC Candidates into membership with ACBC, under the oversight of an ACBC Overseeing Fellow.


A few additional items to note:

  • Letters of recommendation must come from at least two Fellows, one of whom must be a member of the Board of Trustees;
  • Official Approval is by consensus of the Board of Trustees.


This is a very rewarding, but demanding process.

If you are interested in becoming an ACBC Fellow, please contact the ACBC office at with any questions you may have and to schedule a time to speak with Stuart Scott, Director of Membership Services at ACBC. Please also read the attachments in the following order:

  1. Fellow Application Checklist
  2. Fellow Application
  3. Fellow Applicant Recommendation Form
  4. Fellow’s Supervision Log