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Counseling People Pleasers

Truth In Love 422

How to be freed from the harsh taskmaster of people-pleasing to the easy yoke of pleasing Christ.

Annual Conference FAQ

General FAQs Who can attend? HOW CAN I GET ACBC CEU’S FOR ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE? When registering for the event be sure to register as […]


A Necessary Ingredient for Sexual Purity

Scripture makes it clear that sexual impurity grows in the soil of ingratitude.

Pursuing Faithfulness

Truth in Love 175

Dr. Dale Johnson discusses a few areas of focus moving forward for ACBC.

Rebuilding a Marriage After Betrayal

Gain insight into how to rebuild a marriage after betrayal by addressing both the offended and the offender.

Guilt Leading to Repentance

What is guilt, and how should we handle legitimate guilty feelings?

Jay Adams

A Man Who Embraced God's Joy

Jay possessed an absolutely infectious joy, the kind of delight that only our great Savior could produce.

What is Sin?

We must understand the multi-faceted reality of sin, and how it manifests itself in our lives.

Thanksgiving: Necessary Ingredient for Sexual Purity

An ungrateful heart leads to sexual impurity.

The Necessity of Works with Faith

Truth In Love 373

What’s the difference between justification and sanctification? Why is it important to teach a biblical view of faith and works in the counseling room?

Growing a Counseling Ministry

Truth In Love 401

Why is counseling important to a local church? How do pastors and laypeople go about starting and growing one in the local church?