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Preaching as Soul Care

Truth In Love 339

The church itself is intended to be the institution of soul care. We cannot disassociate the ministry of preaching from the ministry of biblical counseling.

God, Marriage, and Family

Book Review

Marriage is permanent, sacred, intimate, mutual, and exclusive.

Talking To Couples Who Are Living Together

Truth in Love 40

It is against God’s Word for couples to live together before they are married.

The Hope in Disability

Can there be hope amidst a devastating diagnosis of disability?

The Heart of Addiction

Book Review

Mark Shaw’s book is an excellent resource for biblical counselors helping those enslaved and burdened by addiction.

Biblical Answers for Schizophrenia

Truth in Love 294

Is schizophrenia a biological or a spiritual issue?

The Centrality of the Cross for Counseling Rape Victims

By keeping our minds focused on the Lord and His victory at the cross, we can live in life-giving hope and share this hope as we counsel.

Four Ways to Grow in Counseling Practice

Truth in Love 274

May we be saturated and filled with the Scriptures as we give counsel that comes from the Lord.

How Love Shapes our Communication

Withdrawing in the midst of a conflict (without good reason) is often a selfish decision.

PTSD, Memories, and Biblical Counseling

Almost anyone who struggles with the aftermath of a traumatic event will have some difficulty and concerns with memories of the event.

The Importance Of Sleep

Truth in Love 127

What does sleep have to do with biblical counseling?

George Scipione

A Tribute

“I remember Skip as the ‘Gatekeeper’ of ACBC.”