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Help for Eating Disorders and Distorted Thinking

When we are trying to recreate our own identity, we are nullifying the grace of God.

Biblical Help with Eating Disorders (feat. Manuel Herrera)

Truth in Love 438

How do we biblically counsel those struggling with eating disorders?

Scott Mehl – Eating Disorders and Disorderly Eating

Eating Disorders and Disorderly Eating-Scott Mehl

Caroline Newheiser – Helping Women Who Have Eating Disorders

Presented at the 2023 ACBC Annual Conference – Living & Active

The CBT Therapist in Us All

A Biblical Evaluation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is popular among many Christians who believe that it is able to be effectively integrated into a Christian worldview.

Martha Peace – The Difficult and Frightening Case of Ruth

This breakout session was given by Martha Peace at the 2015 Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why Christians Need Freud

Read Freud, Skinner, and their followers as philosophy—not as science.

Vanity or Body Image Problem?

True modesty doesn’t come from changing one’s wardrobe. It comes from having one’s heart changed.

Despair: A Medical Perspective

Truth in Love 275

Some might benefit from some medical interventions for sickness of the body, but everybody needs to understand who God is, who man is, and who Christ is.

The Remedy for Self-Affliction

Truth in Love 250

Those who self-harm often feel they’re all alone, but in Christ we are never alone. He never leaves us as His children.

Pursuing Joy in Christ with Disabilities

Truth in Love 136

Special guest Joni Eareckson Tada discusses pursuing joy in Christ with disabilities.

I’m A Pastor, How Do I Counsel?

Truth in Love 19

Pastors should utilize their position of leadership to impact their flock with God’s Word in a personal way.