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Forgiveness After an Abortion

Truth in Love 32

What are some biblical and practical ways of ministering to women who have had abortions?

Hope in Christ Through Tragedy

Truth in Love 201

Christ is the only one who can redeem and renew and restore after an abortion.

A Fight For Life

Truth in Love 9

How should Christians respond following the horrors revealed about the operations of Planned Parenthood?

Hope After an Abortion

Truth in Love 13

We must care for the women in our midst who have chosen abortion, pointing them to the grace of Christ.

Helping Women Considering an Abortion

Truth in Love 12

How can the church come alongside women thinking through an abortion?

Unplanned Parenthood

Truth in Love 10

The value and worth of children is based in the fact that they are image bearers and declare the glory of the Lord.

God, Marriage, and Family

Book Review

Marriage is permanent, sacred, intimate, mutual, and exclusive.

Julie Ganschow – Counseling the Post-Abortive Woman

Counseling the Post-Abortive Woman- Julie Ganschow

Counsel for Expecting Parents

The biblical commands to love your spouse did not cease when conception happened.

What I Learned Early on as a Biblical Counselor

New counselors, don’t be discouraged with the lessons you learn. Lean in and keep pursuing growth. Trust God.

Standards of Conduct

The Commitment to Scripture The Commitment to Jesus The Commitment to Care The Commitment to the Church The Commitment to Humanity The Commitment to Purity […]

Is Someone You Love Suicidal?

Truth in Love 96

Each life is of inestimable worth and should be honored as such.