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Exam Prep

In Phase 2,Β ACBC begins to assess your work to ensure your faithfulness to the Word of God in counseling.Β Through 44 essay questions on theology and […]

The CBT Therapist in Us All

A Biblical Evaluation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is popular among many Christians who believe that it is able to be effectively integrated into a Christian worldview.

Resolving Conflict

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Disagreements do not need to turn into conflicts.

American Sign Language

Welcome to the ACBC ASL resource page. This page exists to help bring biblical counseling resources to those who use American Sign Language. People of […]

Personality Traits

Truth in Love 204

Christian growth is about maturing your personality to better reflect the character of God.

Helping Marriages through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A couple can be equipped to face PTSD even if PTSD and its symptoms never leave their marriage.

Dangers of Eclecticism

Truth in Love 313

Believers need to be cautious of eclectic approaches and have a discerning mind when it comes to fidelity to the Scriptures.


IN HIS IMAGE RECOVERING HUMAN DIGNITY 2022 Annual Conference Every life has dignity and worth because every person is made in God’s image. Join us […]


Speaking the Truth in Love We seek to strengthen the Church to speak the truth in love by providing a quality training and certification process, […]

Oil and Water

The Impossible Relationship between Evangelicalism and Reparative Therapy

The attitudes of our culture about homosexuality cannot change the sinfulness of it.