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The Concept of Mental Health

Truth in Love 206

God gives us what we need to be truly healthy and truly at peace as we walk through life.

Dealing with Diagnosis

Truth in Love 361

Biblical counseling doesn’t need to “catch up” to the advancements of where the mental health world is. The Bible explains our human experiences better than any other system.

Mind vs Brain

Truth In Love 360

What is the difference between the brain and the mind, biblically speaking?

The Problem with the Mental Illness Narrative

Truth in Love 259

What do “mental illness” and “mental disorder” mean?

The Diseasing of Anxiety and Depression

Truth in Love 260

What is the problem with labeling anxiety and depression as diseases?

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness?

Part 1 | The Nature of Mental Illness

In the first part of this series, we explore the nature of mental illness.

Mental Health Awareness Month Podcast Series

Check out these podcast episodes—a biblical perspective on the various mental health topics.

The Spiritual Nature of Mental Illness

Part 1 | The Gospel and Mental Illness

This is part one of a four part series that explores the spiritual nature of the mental illness paradigm.

Misrepresentations of Biological Psychiatry Part 1

Truth in Love 311

Examine some of the exaggerated claims of biological psychiatry highlighted by the Harvard Review of Psychiatry.

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness?

Part 2 | The Healing of Jesus

In the second part of this series, we explore how Jesus heals “mental illness” as a spiritual issue.

Biological Psychiatry

Truth in Love 258

The historical narrative of biological psychiatry helps us understand how we got to where we are today.

Distinctions of the Therapeutic Relationship

Truth in Love 309

In a therapeutic, professional relationship, clinical distance is required. The opposite is true of biblical counseling.