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The End of Anxiety

Truth in Love 303

We think that a life of peace or calmness is the goal. Really, the goal is the glory of God.

Biblical Reasons Not to Worry

We all have a tendency to be anxious and worried over issues of life.

When Panic Attacks

In times of anxiety, we can lift our eyes to the One who has all the answers for our fear and worry.

The Diseasing of Anxiety and Depression

Truth in Love 260

What is the problem with adopting the narrative of anxiety and depression being labeled a disease?

Fear and Worry

Should fear and worry be a part of the Christian life?

Good Reasons Not to Worry

God’s provision will be there when we need it, and not before.

Helping Suspicious People

Truth in Love 194

When we’re suspicious, we believe the worst about people rather than the best

A Biblical Response To Panic

Truth in Love 5

Regardless of what comes, there is One who keeps you and is a shepherd who walks with you.

Counseling Idleness

Excelling in brotherly love requires repenting of laziness.

Can Worry Help You?

Truth in Love 93

Trusting in God’s sovereign care and faithfulness is the cure for worry and fear.

Counseling Those with Panic Attacks

Truth in Love 285

When counseling those who struggle with panic attacks, we must turn to the character of God.