Pre and Annual Conference 2018 Highlight | Day 1


Session 1 | 1 John 1

Dr. Steve Viars

As biblical counselors, we speak from the authority of God’s Word. Why should we be intimidated by any other authority?

Our fundamental message is not that the world is dark. Our fundamental  message is that the Light is coming.


Session 2 | 1 John 2

Dr. Randy Patten

A common weakness in biblical counseling is assuming a person’s salvation without verifying their understanding of the gospel and the resulting fruit of salvation in their life.

Biblical counseling today provides wonderful opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. Part of the challenge we face is in discerning who needs to be evangelized and who needs to be discipled.

Session 3 | 1 John 3

Dr. John Babler

I don’t give homework in books about the Book, but I give homework in the Book because I want my counselees to know that the answers to their next problem are in the Book, not that they need to go searching for the next book about the Book.

God demonstrates His love by adopting us even when we were un-adoptable.

Session 4 | 1 John 4

Sean Perron

Biblical counselors must have exceptional exegesis, thorough theology, and apt application.  It’s a trilogy of care.

This means the cross and the gospel must be the center of our counseling ministry.  Is the cross the center of what’s going on in the counseling room? Is what you’re emphasizing in counseling room habits? Obedience?  Those are important, but it’s not the center. 1 John 4 says the center of counseling must be the cross.

Session 5 | 1 John 5

Dr. Stuart Scott

You cannot claim Christ and continue in an unbroken pattern of repeated sin.

Not every sin is idolatry, but ruling lusts are [always idolatry].


Annual Conference

Session 1 | What Every Victim of Abuse Needs to Know

Dr. Heath Lambert

By the grace of Jesus, wonderful things can come from the horror of your abuse.

There are some things that God teaches his children in the school of affliction that he will not teach them anywhere else.

God uses the horror of your abuse to increase your ministry faithfulness. Ministers are forged in the fires of affliction.

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  • Paul Saxton
    October 2, 2018

    where is this conference?
    This is 10/2
    Did I miss it?

  • Cheryl comboy
    October 2, 2018

    I listened online yesterday. So good!
    I wonder if there will
    Be anymore online streaming?

    Thank you,
    Cheryl Conboy

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