Free 2018 Annual Conference Resources on Abuse

We are excited to offer Pam Gannon and Dale Johnson’s plenary sessions from our 2018 Annual conference for free. You can stream the videos from this page, or you can download the videos by following the links below to our store, where you can add them to your cart and checkout for free.

Pam Gannon | A Testimony of Abuse

I minister comfort by asking them to be reconciled to God.

Just as God can grow a pure white daisy from the charred remains, so can he grow a soul from the charred remains of abuse.

Dale Johnson | Abuse and the Abuser

An abuser is someone who demands his wants rather than submits to his responsibilities at the expense of someone else’s dignity.

There are legitimate times when guilt and shame are to be felt. Counselor, stop trying to hinder the Holy Spirit by trying to remove the guilt and shame of the abuser you are counseling. Your first duty is to help them cry out for God’s forgiveness through their godly repentance.

If you would like to access all the content from our pre and annual conference, you can check out our complete conference collections and conference highlights here.

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