The Future of ACBC and Biblical Counseling


Dr. Dale Johnson, ACBC’s new Executive Director


“I am thankful to the Lord that He has provided Dr. Dale Johnson as the new executive director of ACBC. Dale is fully committed to the sufficiency and authority of Christ and the Scriptures for counseling. I am fully confident that he will lead our organization with grace, conviction and wisdom for the glory of Christ and the building up of the church.” – Dr. Keith Palmer, ACBC Board Member and Fellow, Associate Pastor of Grace Bible Church

“I thank God for Dale Johnson. God has graciously worked in his life with tremendous faithfulness to create and develop a man of God, who loves scripture and the church with compassion and unfailing commitment to glorify God in all that he does. I am excited to see in what ways God will use Dale as our next executive director.” – Dr. Andrew Rogers, ACBC Board Member and Fellow, Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a NANC/ACBC counselor for almost 20 years I have watched with amazement and thankfulness the growth of the organization. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for ACBC. Dr. Dale Johnson is a colleague of mine and I know he is eminently qualified to lead ACBC. His background of local church counseling experience, academic achievements, and administrative skills as well as his commitment to God and His Word will serve him well in this new endeavor.” –  Dr. John Babler, ACBC Board Member and Fellow, Professor of Counseling at Southwestern Theological Seminary

“I was very happy to receive the news that Dr. Dale Johnson accepted the offer to be the next Executive Director of ACBC. There was a lengthy process that went on among a special transition committee of the Board of Trustees of ACBC, appointed by myself, in reviewing potential candidates for the Executive Director position, once Dr. Heath Lambert alerted the Board that his duties at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL was consuming all of his ministerial time, needing to step down. We were sadden to receive that news. But, after a careful review of potential candidates for this position we were overwhelmingly full of gratitude and thanksgiving that Dr. Johnson accepted the position of Executive Director (elect). This was after several hours of interview with him, hearing his responses and understanding his heart. I believe Dr. Johnson is the man God will use to take ACBC to its next level of influence among Christian churches and throughout the world. He is a very capable spokesman, with excellent academic and ecclesiastical credentials, and highly devoted to both the sufficiency and superiority of God’s Word. I highly recommend him to you!” – Dr. John D. Street, ACBC Board Member and Fellow, Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University and Seminary, Elder at Grace Community Church

“I’ve just met Dr. Dale Johnson. Everything I’ve read about him, heard of him and from him leads me to believe we have a Joshua type of leader. I have served under every executive director NANC/ACBC has had from its inception and I look forward to his leading us in the future.” – Dr. George Scipione, ACBC Board Member and Fellow, Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“I am thrilled that Dale Johnson has agreed to serve as the new Executive Director of ACBC. Having participated in the selection process, I am impressed with Dale’s scholarship and his vision for advancing biblical counseling. Most important, I am thankful for Dale’s unwavering commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture in counseling. He will faithfully carry on the legacy of our previous Executive Directors. If anyone has any questions or concerns about Dale, I invite you to contact me or any other board member.” – Dr. Jim Newheiser, ACBC Board Member and Fellow, Associate Professor of Christian Counseling and Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary