2018 Counseling Book of the Year Nominations

Another year in the books! We are excited to release our ten nominations for the 2018 Counseling Book of the Year. Below we have listed each book, as well as links to the website where you can find more information about the book and purchase if you would like. From this list of nominations, our certified counselors will vote for their top pick. We’ll take the next two weeks to gather everyone’s vote, announcing the winner once we have the results.


The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfiled


The Personal Counseling Journal by Rush Witt and Greg Savage


The Gospel for Moving Targets by Nancy Snyder


Treasure in the Ashes by Sue Nicewander and Maria Brookins


PTSD by Henry Beaulieu


The Most Encouraging Promise in the Bible by Armand Tiffe


Prodigal Children: Hope and Help for Parents by Robert D. Jones


Diehard Sins: How to Fight Wisely against Destructive Daily Habits by Rush Witt


Good News for Little Hearts book bundle by David Powlison and Ed Welch


The Battle for the Biblical Family by George Scipione



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  • Michael DiSanto
    November 14, 2018

    I would like to vote for “The Most Encouraging Promise in the Bible” by Armand P. Tiffe. This is such a powerful resource. I ordered a bunch to hand out to my congregation!

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