ACBC 2017: Day 3 Highlights

Miss the conference? Below are the highlights from day three of the 2017 ACBC  Annual Conference!

Annual Conference: Faithfully Protestant

Session 5: Sola Fide
Dr. Keith Palmer, Associate Pastor of Grace Bible Church

Christ-less counseling is not Christian counseling.

Counseling devoid of faith never pleases Jesus.

The Protestant Reformation began as a counseling problem: an overwhelming life struggle in the heart of one man.


Session 6: Sola Scriptura
Jim Newheiser, President of IBCD

Both Martin Luther and Jay Adams based their work on Sola Scriptura – the Bible alone.

We’re not claiming the Bible has exhaustive (information about all things), but sufficient information (about necessary things).

You haven’t begun to plumb the depths of the Word of God.



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Amber Komatsu
Membership Services Coordinator
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