ACBC 2017: Day 2 Highlights

Miss the conference? Below are the highlights from day two of the 2017 ACBC  Annual Conference!

Annual Conference: Faithfully Protestant

Session 2: Solus Christus
Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

The ministry of counseling is still the task given to the church.

May I stir up your minds by reminding you the extent and value of knowing and using the Bible?

Read Freud and all their followers as philosophy and not science.


Session 3: Sola Gratia
Ligon Duncan, Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary

We need something inside us that gives us strength that does not come from us.

The Holy Spirit strengthens us so that our desires are taken control of by Jesus.

God’s grace is just as operative in your sanctification as it was in your salvation.

 Session 4: Soli Deo Gloria
Brad Bigney, Senior Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church

Biblical principles don’t change lives. Jesus does.

Make sure you as a child of God are staying freshly stunned and undone by the glory of God.

It’s not about showing your counselees what you know. It’s about showing them where they need to go. They need to go to Jesus.

Special Event: Truth in Love Live
Heath Lambert and Sean Perron

If you’re not committed to biblical counseling, you’re not as faithfully protestant as you think you are.

The practice of counseling is not the practice of medicine, and we are dependent on medical professionals to do their work.

Feeling good is not necessarily what grace feels like. Sometimes grace feels like trusting the Lord to carry you through a very very hard reality.


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