ACBC17: Day 1 Highlights

Miss the conference? Below are the highlights from day one of the 2017 ACBC Pre-Conference and Annual Conference!

Pre-Conference: Crafting a Covenant

Session 1: The Bible, Dating, and Engagement
Sean Perron, Chief of Staff of ACBC

The scriptures are not shallow just because they do not use the language we want them to use.  

Our God became a manWhy would you go to any other source for wisdom about your relationship problems?

Lord, thank you that your word is not just sufficient, but it’s superior to any other source of wisdom.


Session 2: Counseling Those Preparing for Marriage
Rob Green, Counseling Pastor & Seminary Director at Faith Church

People think pre-marriage counseling is primarily about their marriage, but it’s dependent on their walk with Christ.

The role of husband and wife that God demands is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Sex from God’s perspective is not about performance; it’s about relationship.

 Session 3: How Do You Know You Are Marrying the Right Person
Ernie Baker, Pastor of Counseling at First Baptist Church Jax

We must start earlier with marriage preparation…We must build wisdom into teens and singles.

Wisdom is such a treasure.  It’s hard work to get it because it’s such a valuable gift.

A biblical view of attraction: all tied in with the affections of the heart- what are you loving/hoping for?

 Session 4: Sexual Issues Related to Dating & Engagement
Spencer Harmon, Senior Pastor at Vine Street Baptist Church

Paul is demystifying the complexities of sexual sin, not by minimizing them, but by declaring God’s revealed will over them.

It’s arrogant to offer warnings like this (1 Thessalonians 4:1-8) unless you have divine authority, but God’s Word has that authority.

There is no path forward in these issues outside the light of the lamp that comes from Scripture….We need God to speak to people with these issues. So where else are we going to go?

Annual Conference: Faithfully Protestant

Session 1: Faithfully Protestant: Biblical Counseling & the Reformation
Heath Lambert, Executive Director of ACBC

The themes of the Protestant Reformation are most fully exemplified in biblical counseling.

If you know of a way to talk to people about their problems by side-stepping Jesus and grace and faith, then you’re doing it wrong.

When we talk about the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling, we mean that the Bible includes such an abundance of particular information on the topic of counseling problems, that when you correctly understand people and their problems as well as the content of Scripture you are in need of no other resource for counseling wisdom.


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Amber Komatsu
Membership Services Coordinator
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