TIL 098 : Should Christians Smoke Marijuana?

On this edition of Truth in Love, Dr. Lambert discusses whether or not Christians should smoke marijuana. Dr. Lambert walks through four reasons that Christians should not smoke marijuana.


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  • Brandon Doyle
    April 19, 2017

    I don’t think I agree.
    1. The Federal government has said that they will not interfere if states legalize pot. Yeah it illegally federally, but the feds don’t expect citizens in legalized states to abstain.
    2. There are very few studies that indicate pot is harmful, and there is much emerging evidence to support the medically beneficial​ effects of pot.
    3. I don’t flaunt my use because I don’t want to offend others who might disagree with my use, but Christians are not supposed to force their own convictions on others. Moreover, in my case, I have no respectable friend or family member who is unhappy with my smoking pot.
    4. Pot should be used in moderation, just like anything else. A few puffs to unwind, to provide clarity of thought, to enhance concentration, or to help a person fall asleep, I can’t see the problem with that. What’s the difference between drinking alcohol and smoking pot? Of course, Christians shouldn’t get stoned, but I don’t see why Christians can’t sit in their study at the end of the day with a pipe of pot while reading or listening to a sermon.

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